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Zombicide : Second Edition - Fort Hendrix Expansion


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What Role did Fort Hendrix Play in the Zombie Outbreak?

Fort Hendrix, a military base in the area, has some connection with the zombie outbreak.
We’re just not sure how.
Now, our friend Penny is looking for her mom.
She worked at Fort Hendrix when the outbreak started, so we’re headed there to see if we can find her... and maybe find out just what’s going on around here.

Fort Hendrix is a new expansion for Zombicide 2nd Edition.
It adds many new elements to the game, including new Survivors, the new Shooter Zombie, new advanced rules like the Day and Night rules, as well as a 10-mission campaign.
Survivors will grow in experience as they continue along, becoming better at taking on the zombie menace while they get to the bottom of just what happened at the base.

New Survivors
Six new Survivors are ready to take the fight to the zombies.
Each one has their own unique ID card and highly-detailed miniature figure to represent them on the board.
Use them with Fort Hendrix or any game of Zombicide 2nd Edition.
New Threats
In life, Shooter Zombies were soldiers highly trained in the use of their weapons.
Now, their undead trigger fingers will randomly shoot off rounds, threatening to hit any Survivors in the line of fire.
All-New Campaign
Fort Hendrix includes a 10-mission campaign that will see players head into the depths of the military base, searching for clues.
Survivors gain experience as they continue along, growing in power as they learn how to deal with the zombie menace.
Learn the Rules:

Rules (PDF, 73.9 M)

Ages: 14+ | Players: 1 - 6 |  Playtime: 60 minutes